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Snots (Slides + Notes) tentang pentingnya Latihan Coding dan Selalu Mencoba Yg Baru agar menjadi developer yg lebih baik.
02-25-2009 3,964 Download
File Size 759.3kB
Jurnal ini mencoba memberikan serangkaian analisis model kompleksitas yang cocok untuk metode Extreme Programming, di dalamnya juga terdapat berbagai upaya dalam melakukan pengukuran kompleksitas sebuah...
01-21-2009 935 Download
File Size 309.2kB
Paper ini menekankan pada integrasi antara metode Extreme Programming dengan konsep Project Manajemen. Pada paper ini dikemukakan kiat-kiat praktis di sisi manajemen untuk menangani perkembangan perangkat...
01-30-2009 675 Download
File Size 514.4kB
Knapsack Problem has many variations. One popular variation is 0-1 Knapsack Problem. This problem occurs in many ways in real-life. So, solution for this problem is of interest. The Exhaustive Search approach...
04-26-2008 454 Download
File Size 29kB
Artikel ini membicarakan mengenai implementasi Computer Support Cooperative Work (CSCW) pada method Extreme Programming. Tujuannya tak lain adalah hendak mengeliminasi berbagai hal yang terkait dengan...
03-05-2009 424 Download
File Size 237.3kB
Dijkstra’s algorithm is a well known algorithm to solve the single-source shortest paths problem. This paper explains the algorithm by focusing on the algorithm design technique used, which is the Greedy...
04-26-2008 288 Download
File Size 43.1kB
Many practical problems, including problems in Mathematics itself can be modeled as Systems of Linear Equations. This suggests that methods to solve such systems are of high interest. One method that is...
07-21-2008 283 Download
File Size 870.7kB
Diabetes Mellitus is a disease that can cause many serious complications. A proper treatment is needed for the patient who has it. In order to that, first we need to recognize whether a person has Diabetes...
04-26-2008 278 Download
File Size 133.1kB
In the previous report 1) , it has been designed a Neural Networks System to forecast the onset of Diabetes Mellitus. Here, another Neural Networks approach/algorithm is used. It is the Probabilistic Neural...
05-02-2008 257 Download
File Size 22kB
Many graph algorithms require processing vertices or edges of a graph in systematic fashion. There are two principal for doing such traversals: Depth-First Search (DFS) and Breadth-First Search (BFS)....
04-26-2008 248 Download
File Size 19.8kB
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