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Many graph algorithms require processing vertices or edges of a graph in systematic fashion. There are two principal for doing such traversals: Depth-First Search (DFS) and Breadth-First Search (BFS)....
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In the previous report 1) , it has been designed a Neural Networks System to forecast the onset of Diabetes Mellitus. Here, another Neural Networks approach/algorithm is used. It is the Probabilistic Neural...
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Dijkstra’s algorithm is a well known algorithm to solve the single-source shortest paths problem. This paper explains the algorithm by focusing on the algorithm design technique used, which is the Greedy...
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All-Pairs Shortest Paths Problem is a problem of interest as it has many practical uses. One example is to make table of distance between all pairs of cities for a road atlas. Dynamic Programming is a...
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Minimum Spanning Tree problem is an example of Optimization problem. This kind of problem can be solved with technique such as the Greedy technique. This paper explains two algorithms to solve this problem...
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In designing an algorithm for a mathematical concept, one may need to look beyond the definition of that mathematical concept in order to get an optimal algorithm. The complexity of an algorithm for a...
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Many practical problems, including problems in Mathematics itself can be modeled as Systems of Linear Equations. This suggests that methods to solve such systems are of high interest. One method that is...
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Abstract Parallel implementation of an algorithm is of high interest because it brings speed up to the execution time of that algorithm. Numerical Integration such as Simpson’s Rule is an example of Numerical...
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Knapsack Problem has many variations. One popular variation is 0-1 Knapsack Problem. This problem occurs in many ways in real-life. So, solution for this problem is of interest. The Exhaustive Search approach...
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Diabetes Mellitus is a disease that can cause many serious complications. A proper treatment is needed for the patient who has it. In order to that, first we need to recognize whether a person has Diabetes...
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